Your furnace might start to manfluction if it works excessively for a continuous period without proper maintenance. The furnace system runs the entire day during the harsh winter months. That’s why it is best to call an expert from LJ Refrigeration Co., Inc, one of the top HVAC companies in Phoenix, for maintenance in the autumn in preparation of winter.

There are some furnace problems you can diagnose yourself, and you should know how to fix or handle them to avoid further damage.

Common Heating Problems and How You Can Fix Them

Here are fixes to resolve the problem until our heating repair in Scottsdale, AZ, arrives for inspection:

• Strange Noise:

The furnace system produces minimal noise during operation. However, if the noise volume increases or you start to hear strange noises, the system may have problem. Here is what different sounds mean:

1. Grinding and screeching noises signify something is wrong with mechanical components. To fix the issue, you should tighten the loose bearings and lubricate the blower belt and motor with mechanical oil.
2. The rattling sound is a sign that there is a loose component in the system. Switch off the system and if you see a broken fan blade, and call our repair expert
3. A wheezing noise is a sign of replacing the air filter.
4. A popping noise can be a sign that you should clean the burner.

• Airflow Issues:

If you feel that some rooms are cold and others are warm, there is an issue with the ductwork. Inspect the ductwork; if you find a small leakage or gap, cover it with duct tape. However, if there is a major fault, call our experts.

• Inadequate Heat:

If you are constantly adjusting the thermostat to keep warm indoors, there might be an issue in the ignition system. Check the following additional components:

1. The vents and registers are unrestricted and open.
2. The thermostat wirings are intact and properly in their place.
3. The air filter is clean.
4. No debris or leakage in the ductwork, causing the air to escape.

You should consult our water heater replacement expert in Phoenix if your heater is not maintaining heat levels correctly.

• Weird Odors:

Different smells indicate various problems that can be hazardous and need an expert from a leader in HVAC companies in Phoenix for a quick check. Here is what different smells mean:

1. A burning smell indicates wiring and electrical issues.
2. A musty smell indicates condensation problems.
3. A foul smell indicates an issue with the ductwork.

• The system doesn’t turn on:

There can be several reasons why your furnace system does not turn on. Here are the reasons:

1. Obstruction in the gas supply line
2. Pilot light or flame sensor issue
3. Clogged air filter
4. Tripped circuit breaker
5. Faulty limit switch

Bottom Line

If the above steps don’t work, switch off the heating unit, and call our heating repair expert servicing Scottsdale, and Phoenix AZ, for a quick check. The technician will inspect every component in the heating system and repair the fault with the correct solution.

If you are looking for a professional and reliable HVAC company to handle your HVAC system and comfort issues, LJ Refrigeration Co., Inc experts can help you! Call us at (480)-948-5004 or email us to schedule an appointment for heater repair and water heater replacement in Phoenix.