Mini Split AC Installation Service Cave Creek AZ

The mini-split air conditioner is the preferred type of many homeowners because of its numerous advantages over the common window units. As the name implies, the system is not just one big box but two separate components linked by an air tube. The typical configuration is split into two with a small air handler staying indoors while the rest are situated outdoors. These tend to be more expensive but they can be worth every penny for people who appreciate:

Slim Design

The indoor unit barely takes up any space. It tends to be long and narrow, allowing it to fit in any small horizontal spot available. It is perfect for small rooms where the walls barely have gaps left. They can also be installed on walls that are not on the perimeter. After all, the air tube simply has to get to the outdoor unit and everything will work out fine. Carving out space is not necessary.

Low Noise Emission

The parts which are notorious for generating noise are kept outside of the room. The air handler only has the fan which emits a nearly imperceptible hum. People can finally sleep well at night and not have to worry about being woken up periodically by an erratic condenser or some other troubling part. Of course, if noise does come about then it should be looked into by a technician.

AC Installation Service Cave Creek AZ

Be sure to contact a reputable AC installation in Phoenix, contractor for this installation. Consider LJ Refrigeration for this project we are one of the most recommended AC companies in Phoenix. The company is known in the community as a dependable air conditioning specialist. We can help you measure your home’s exact cooling needs and find appropriate models that you can choose from. We will install your mini-split system quickly while ensuring you get optimum efficiency out of the machine.