AC Repair in Scottsdale, Arizona

AC Repair in Scottsdale, North Phoenix, Cave Creek and Surrounding Areas

AC Repair in Scottsdale, Arizona Most homeowners don’t worry about their air conditioning system until it begins to fail. This is because the AC usually does its job, and a homeowner expects it to work all the time. The truth is an AC has a lifespan, and it can be significantly shortened if you do not have your AC serviced regularly. There are a few signs you should be aware of that may be telling you that you need AC repair. Pay attention to some of the following.

Consider the Age

As mentioned above, an AC is not meant to last forever. In fact, the average AC system only lasts about 15 to 20 years. Keep in mind that this includes AC systems that have been taken care of properly with proper maintenance. Proper maintenance includes all of the services that we specialize in, such as duct cleaning, filter replacement, and condenser coil cleaning just to name a few. Be sure to talk to one of our specialists if you do not remember the last time your system was properly serviced.

Pay Attention to Changes

The AC is supposed to run smoothly and cool your home without much effort. This may not always happen, especially if there is something wrong with your system, like a bad thermostat or motor. It is important to pay attention to any changes so that you can call us before the issue gets out of hand, which could get expensive.

Problematic Signs in Your AC System

One change to watch out for is a room that gets cooler than other rooms. This could be signaling a bigger issue. Another change that might be telling you that something is wrong is if the AC begins to take a long time to cool down your home. You can talk to our AC repair specialist if you notice of these issues or any other strange problems. Our team, here at LJ Refrigeration, is ready to ensure you stay cool and comfortable this summer.

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