Applications of Hot Water Heaters

So let’s delve right into the basics! Water heating is a thermodynamic process that uses an energy source to change the temperature of water above its initial temperature.

Generally, water is locally heated in containers like water heaters, cauldrons, kettles, coppers, or pots. ATING These containers, when heating a lot of water, do not generate a continuous supply of boiled water at a default temperature.

Types of Hot Water Heaters

Solar Water Heaters

Solar collectors are fixed outside the house, commonly on the walls or roof. The unique hot water container is commonly an old or new water heater made for solar thermal.

Tankless Heaters

They can be called instant-on, continuous flow, instantaneous, inline, on-demand, or flash water heaters. They are high-power water heaters that immediately heat water as it passes through the container. It does not hold back any water inside aside from the water inside the heat exchanger coil.

Storage Water Heaters

This is also known as the tank type, and it is made up of a cylindrical vessel that makes water continuously hot and available for usage.

Electric Shower Heads 

This is added or fixed into the shower heads to immediately heat the water as it passes through. The self-heating electric shower heads are used in some countries, specializing in point-of-use (POU).

Demerits of Hot Water Heater

  • Explosion hazard
  • Thermal burns (scalding)
  • Bacterial contamination

Hot Water Heater Repair

As efficient and long-lasting as the water heater may be, it also needs maintenance. When you notice that your heater is no longer functioning effectively, you need a professional or specialized technician to inspect it for you and, if necessary, repair it.

Applications Of Hot Water Heaters

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