Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Air Conditioner?

LJ Refrigerator

Follow these easy tips from LJ Refrigeration Co, Inc. to save money and get the most performance out of your air conditioner.

An Investment Worth Caring For

HVAC repair Phoenix, Fountain Hills, AZ, is a big financial commitment for any family. LJ Refrigeration Co, Inc. has the experience and specific techniques to install your new AC correctly. While some contractors do a rush job. We carefully install your AC. So you get the performance from the SEER ratings promised on your AC from day one. We place your AC in the best spot, help you choose the correct sizing for your family’s needs, and ensure your ductwork won’t cause energy loss.

Here are the Steps You Need as a Homeowner to Keep it Performing Efficiently.

Buy Suitable Filters.

Synthetic Pleated filters will cost a little more than economy-grade fiberglass ones, but you will get more value out of them. If you’re concerned about price, shop around at a few hardware stores and buy several at once when you find a reasonable price. Check out HEPA filters if you have pets or family members with allergies.

Change Filters on a Schedule.

Ok, remember the last tip how we said to buy several filters at once? It will make your life so much easier if you don’t have to go shopping whenever you need the same-sized filter for your AC. Check the recommended time to change your filter on the box and set a reminder on your phone. Most filters should be changed every three months. If you smoke or have pets, you may need to switch them out more often.

See If your AC is Cooling Efficiently.

After you get AC installation in Phoenix, Fountain Hills, AZ, it’s a good idea to see if it’s working well a few months after we set it up. You can check this by measuring the temperature of air coming out of the vent and comparing it to the heat level of your return vent. There should be a difference between the two temperatures from 15 to 18 degrees. If this is the case, you’ll know your AC is working correctly, but a low difference could mean your AC is low on coolant. A more significant difference might mean a clogged air filter is slowing air return. Call us if a filter change doesn’t make the change because a significant difference means your AC is using a lot of energy to work.

Pick a comfortable temperature for your thermostat. Turning it down when you feel hot is a surefire way to freeze up your AC and make it work longer.

Schedule Yearly Maintenance Service.

Your AC will last longer when it’s restored yearly by the talented hands at HVAC companies in Phoenix. Pick a time that’s convenient for you and schedule it ahead. We can always reschedule if something comes up; just let us know ahead of time. Contact us for AC repair in Scottsdale and other AC services.

Get AC installation service in Fountain Hills, AZ from a team you can trust. Call LJ Refrigeration Co., Inc. at (480)-948-5004 today. A friendly person is waiting to answer your call and help your family achieve home comfort.