LJ Refrigeration has been servicing Arizona’s Northeast Valley and Scottsdale since the year 1981. Not only do we provide professional services for your Air Conditioning, Heating, and Furnace needs, but we provide repair and maintenance services too. LJ Refrigeration is a family-owned and operated business we are one of the most recommended AC installations in Phoenix,

So you can rest assured that every person you deal with here is a part of the family. We have spent years building a good reputation without clients and strive to bring in repeat business from our loyal and happy customers. We are proud to say that our excellent service has already been acknowledged in the Northeast Valley area.

AC Installation Service Cave Creek AZ

Air conditioning units are designed to provide overall comfort inside the home, whether it is removing humidity or cooling down temperatures. They are available in a variety of types and sizes. Big AC is suitable for large rooms and offices. They may also help to cool down a residential home quicker, but will not be very effective when it comes to saving energy.

This is why you need to speak to an AC repair in Scottsdale expert at LJ Refrigeration. Our friendly and helpful technician will help you choose an AC unit that is the right fit for your home in terms of providing maximum comfort for your home and still providing reduced energy bills.

The average AC unit has a lifespan of between 10 to 20 years. This, however, depends on how often the unit is serviced and cleaned. If your notice that your AC is less energy efficient than it used to be or is making a loud noise, then it is a sign that it needs maintenance. By scheduling routine maintenance checks on your AC unit, you will save yourself money and inconvenience from having an AC unit that runs optimally.