Choosing A High-Efficiency Furnace

Furnace originates from the Old French “fornaise” meaning “oven,” and with the Latin root word “fornacem”, which means “kiln or oven.” A residential furnace can provide constant air circulation to make you more comfortable with outstanding space heating capability for large custom homes and small floor plans. The furnace is also capable of being used for industrial purposes like extracting ore from metal or burning trash.

Differences Between Old Furnace and a High-efficiency Furnace

  • High-efficiency furnaces save fuel costs because they use at least 30% less fuel than old furnaces.
  • Most old heating furnaces work at roughly a 75% rate of efficiency. If you are considering installing a new furnace, it is only appropriate to think of a high-efficiency model.
  • Operating noise of new models is much lower than that of older furnace models.
  • High-efficiency furnaces can have a lower BTU rating than old furnaces and still perform just as well.
  • High-efficiency furnaces use less fuel with low environmental pollution than most other furnaces.

Costs to Consider When Installing a Furnace

  • Furnace Cost
  • Furnace Labor – Basic
  • Furnace Materials and Supplies
  • Furnace Equipment Allowance

Furnace Replacement/ Repair

A lifespan of around 15 years is normally given to heaters by Manufacturers. Furnace replacement is required once this lifespan lapses. We offer you specialized and professional furnace technicians at LJ Refrigeration company. Technicians will help you inspect your furnace and replace or repair what needs attention. We are able to provide you with a free estimate of the replacement service.

We are a very experienced company in water heater replacement in Phoenix, and we offer services for both residential and commercial properties along with furnace repair in Phoenix AZ also. For 35 years, we have won various awards for our high quality and distinguished services in this industry.

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