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When the winter is officially over, your furnace becomes the most neglected home appliance. You are not alone in doing this. As the summers are not when the homeowners in Phoenix think about keeping warm, no one thinks about their furnace either. But, you need to pay attention to your furnace even during summer. Taking some simple steps during the warmer months ensure that your furnace is well maintained without costly HVAC repair Phoenix, and it also prevents problems when the winter rolls around. 

Take Some Time Now and Follow These Summer Furnace Maintenance Tips 

Clean Your Furnace 

Your furnace can accumulate dirt and dust during the summer months when it is not actually functioning. There is nothing worse than dealing with a dirty furnace when the winter season catches up. The thumb rule is to make sure that your furnace is free from any dust or debris, and all the components of the furnace are in their best condition. If you ignore keeping the unit clean, it will lead to long-term damage and impact energy efficiency. If you have a maintenance agreement with HVAC pros, ask them to safely take care of the cleaning process. 

Check Electrical Connections 

Another critical area where you need a professional furnace repair in Scottsdale is the electrical connections. Check for any loose wires or worn-down connections to keep your furnace maintained in the summer months. A trained HVAC technician can provide a thorough inspection of your furnace’s electrical wiring and repair it if required. Identifying any damaged wiring will help you to notice the problems and fix them before it gets worse. 

Give Rest to the Pilot Light 

You can keep the pilot light off during the summer. If your furnace is more than 15 years old, the pilot light runs 24 by 7 regardless of whether you are using the furnace or not. Turning off the pilot light will help you save fuel and energy costs since furnaces with pilot ignition are not fuel-efficient. Ensure that your furnace is free from any moisture buildup and debris when the pilot light is off. Also, remember to reignite the pilot light when using the furnace next time. 

Turn Off the Gas Supply 

When you are not using your furnace, you don’t need to continue supplying natural gas to it for sure. Thus, simply switch off the gas source. It is not only a great way to save on fuel, but it is an added preventive measure to avert any leakage and long-term buildup of natural gas inside your furnace.

LJ Refrigeration Co., Inc. offers dependable furnace repair in Phoenix and also heat pump repair in Scottsdale. Before you put the furnace away for the summer, have a professional inspection scheduled. Professional checkup helps in revealing long term problems that can affect your furnace’s performance and longevity. Contact us today and get a free estimate for repairs and maintenance.