Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

A Heat pump is an electrical appliance that transmits heat from one place to another. It transfers thermal energy by circulating a substance known as a refrigerant via a cycle of condensation and evaporation. An example of a heat pump is the refrigerator and another is the air conditioner. Get all the heating services in Phoenix at affordable prices.

Components of a Heat Pump

  • The refrigerant: This is the liquid/gaseous portion that circulates through the internal chambers of the heat pump.
  • The reversing valve: This valve controls and monitors the direction of flow of the refrigerant in the heat pump.
  • Coil: A coil is a loop of tubing in which heat transfer occurs.
  • The evaporator: It allows the refrigerant to absorb heat from its environment and then boils it to transform into a low-temperature vapor.
  • The compressor: It squeezes the gas molecules of the refrigerant together.
  • The condenser: This allows the refrigerant to generate heat to its environment and turns it into liquid.
  • The expansion device: It reduces the pressure established by the compressor.
  • The plenum: It is an air compartment.

Benefits of Heat Pump

  • Life Expectancy and Warranties
  • Low Operating Costs
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Energy Savings
  • Highly efficient

Heat Pump Servicing

Heat pumps operate throughout the year to make residents comfortable irrespective of the climatic conditions. As they operate all year round, they also need to be serviced for quality results and work efficiency. With more than 35 years of operating at the highest of levels, LJ Refrigeration provides you with the best heat pump service and repair. LJ Refrigeration has the best, highly-trained, and certified heat pump repair in Scottsdale specialists and technicians who can be sent out to you at a moment’s notice. So if your heat pump is faulty or broken down,  call us and we will dispatch these professional technicians promptly to your house to repair or service your heat pump. We also provide one of the best services for HVAC companies in Phoenix.