Ascertaining Heat Pump Repair Requirements

Heat pumps more than a decade old are often bogged down by some impairment or the other. Generally, a well-maintained and wisely used heat pump should last 20 years. But not all pumps live their total lifespan. In fact, the signs of decline appear much earlier. In such cases, you could either rectify the troubling aspect of the pump with the help of a heat pump repair and water heater replacement in Phoenix, Scottsdale, AZ service firm or buy a new one instead. The following points should help you pick between the two options:


A heat pump that’s well-maintained can perform 25 percent more efficiently than a neglected pump. Properly scheduled heat pump annual service over the year means the pump is still in good condition and repair work would pay off.


Regardless of its age, if the pump isn’t heating your house, even post a couple of repairs, continuing to repair the system thereafter is not wise. A replacement system could offer better home comfort, and turn out a much better value for the buck.

Financial Drain

If the pump is hogging your house energy and you see your utility bills reflecting that fact, a replacement is what you should look at. A heat pump is particularly efficient when set to heating mode during a mild climate. Ideally, energy savings should be the norm and not energy drains.

Performance Capacity and Age

Most industry experts recommend replacing heat pump repair in Scottsdale older than a decade. This is because new systems have higher efficiency features, which could tremendously increase total energy savings. Modern heat pumps employ varying-speed air handlers, two-stage compressors, and a much efficient coil design for optimizing energy savings and comfort.

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