LJ Refrigeration Co., Inc. Shows You Service Other Contractors Can’t Beat

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You’ve probably heard the phrase, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it” many times. We hear it often because it’s true. Our business treats you better by not just saying what you want to hear, but treating you with professionalism in every part of our interaction. If you’ve had lackluster customer service in the past, hire LJ Refrigeration Co., Inc. to see what professionalism really should look like. We are one of the best AC companies in Phoenix.

A different perspective

So much of how we relate to other people is in the silent ways we use gestures and body language, beyond just the words we say. Let’s say you did a quick Google search and called someone for an AC installation in Phoenix. Imagine them showing up at your door like this:

Your technician lumbers to the door, his eyes downcast. His hair is disheveled and he looks like he just wants to get this job done and onto the next one for the day. His shirt is untucked and he wipes a hand across his nose. He knocks quickly and scans his clipboard without making eye contact to read from a script, “Hi I’m Jared here to do your AC installation service.”

This is the unfortunate industry standard. You’re probably thinking, even if this guy knows what he’s doing, he doesn’t seem to care and it’s a gamble on whether or not he’ll do a good job.”

Try the LJ Refrigeration Co, Inc. Approach

Here are the exact same words but with the confident and friendly manners our technicians use because they love helping customers like you:

Your technician walks quickly with purposeful steps to the door, his head held high and eyes looking straight on. His hair is clean-cut and brushed to the side and he looks genuinely excited to do his work. He knows you might be nervous about the installation and wants to show you he will do the job right. HIs clipboard in hand has all the steps to a thorough installation and he knows them confidently. He smiles and reaches his hand out to shake yours, making eye contact with a bright tone in his voice to greet you, “Hi I’m Jared here to do your AC installation service.”

Same Words, Better Service

This is the guy you want working on your home. The difference is easy to see, even though both technicians said exactly the same thing, our technician shows the friendliness and attitude of confidence and cares you want.

Instead of wondering if your technician will do a decent job, invest with confidence your AC will provide years of comfort for your family LJ Refrigeration Co., Inc. gets the job done right and takes care of your family by providing all the cooling and heating services in Phoenix.

If you’re looking for the right company to perform AC installation service in Cave Creek, AZ you’ve found us. Call us today to get your free estimate at (480)-948-5004.