Heat pumps work hard year-round in our tough climate. In the summer, they remove excessive heat from your home, while in the winter; they draw warmth from the surrounding atmosphere. When seeking reliable heat pump service Scottsdale and AZ residents choose LJ Refrigeration. We have provided trustworthy service to customers in North Phoenix, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, and surrounding areas since 1980. As a family-run business; we pride ourselves on providing superior and personalized service for our customers in all aspects of the operation.

Routine Heat Pump Maintenance

Because of the workload that heat pumps maintain in our climate; regular maintenance is essential so that they keep running smoothly and efficiently and maintain your interior comfort. Preventive maintenance that checks essential components of your heat pump should be performed in the spring and fall to head off major repairs or failures. With thorough, regular inspections, our trained technicians will be able to spot trouble spots before they occur. Regular maintenance also keeps your reliable heat pump service operating at optimal efficiency, saving you money on energy costs.

Heat Pump Replacement and Installation

No matter how well you maintain your heat pump, normal operation will eventually cause it to break down, necessitating the purchase of a new system. Heat pumps that are more than 10 years old can become difficult to operate, especially during peak operational periods. Today’s heat pumps are more energy-efficient and will save you utility costs in the long run. If you are in the market for a new unit, our staff will assess your home or business and recommend the proper options.

Heat Pump Replacement and Installation

Certified Service

All of our technicians are certified and highly trained in the latest repair and installation techniques. We also offer 24-hour emergency service and also, heat pump repair in Scottsdale, heating services in Phoenix, furnace repair in Scottsdale, and the surrounding areas to get your heat pump up and running as soon as possible when a breakdown occurs. Call LJ Refrigeration at (480)-948-5004 for service today.