Every homeowner’s wish is a perfectly working furnace system that runs without any surprise issues the entire winter season. You rely on your heating system consistently, however using it excessively without proper care can cause wear and tear.

It can lead to the development of issues that affect the heater’s functioning and require furnace repair expert assistance in Phoenix to fix it. One of the issues that can be caused due to improper maintenance and continuous usage is a burning smell from the heater.

Reasons Why the Heating System Smells Like Something Is Burning

• Excessive Dust

When you switch on the furnace after a long time, the burning smell can be due to excessive dust accumulation over the components. It should diminish after a few days, but if it doesn’t, call LJ Refrigeration Co., Inc., one of the top HVAC companies in Phoenix for maintenance.

• Plastic Or Rubber Burning

It is advisable to keep all the inflammable things and stuff away from the system’s proximity because they catch fire. If rubber or plastic materials get inside the furnace system, their burning can cause an irritable smell.

• Electrical Issues

Mostly, burning smells are an indication of electrical issues. If you notice the smell coming from the electrical system, switch off the system and avoid fixing the issue with DIY methods. Fixing electrical issues without prior knowledge can lead to hazardous results. Our HVAC repair expert in Phoenix can help you resolve the issue.

What To Do to Stop the Smell?

Here is what you should do if a burning smell comes from the heating system! Some steps that you can take to resolve the issue temporarily:

1. Check and replace the air filter.
2. Switch off the system and remove the dust from the components.
3. Use a delicate brush to dust off the components and a vacuum cleaner to clean the heating system’s interior.
4. Try looking for something like rubber or plastic material that is causing the smell. Relocate it and remove it.
5. However, if the insulation over the wire is causing the smell, stay back and shut down all the power switches of the heating system.
6. Call our HVAC repair in Phoenix for a quick check.

Tips To Avoid the Burning Smell

One of the best ways to avoid the problem is by scheduling annual maintenance for the heating system at the beginning of the winter. Our technician from the one of the leading HVAC companies in Phoenix will inspect the system and repair the issues that could become potential problems in the long run.

Moreover, cleaning the air filter is of utmost importance. If you can clean the air filter weekly, that is better; otherwise, it is best to invest in a disposable air filter and replace it monthly. It is vital to keep the furnace system and the surroundings clean to avoid debris going inside the system and creating havoc.

Bottom Line

If the burning smell does not go away after one or two heating cycles, you should switch off the system, and contact our furnace repair in Phoenix, AZ to report the issue. Consulting our expert will help you take the right action at the right time and prevent further damage.

LJ Refrigeration Co., Inc. technicians are here to listen to your HVAC problems and find an optimum solution to resolve them. Call us at (480)-948-5004 or email us, and our experts will be at your doorstep to resolve your issue.