Owning a furnace is a big responsibility. Not only does it must be regular maintenance, but it also faces issues mid-season. It is suggested that you call an experienced HVAC companies in phoenix while dealing with problems related to your HVAC system. But sometimes, you can personally check for faults in your system, provided they are minor. Following are the cases and a guide on how to resolve those issues.

A Running Blower

  • The most probable reason for a constantly running blower is that the thermostat is set ‘on’ instead of ‘auto.’ Setting it on ‘auto’ will help you fix the issue as the blower fan will now operate only circulate the heated air. 
  • You may also have an error in the fan limit switch. This switch is used to turn the fan on and off. It is tested using a multimeter. Try to reset the switch. If it doesn’t work, replacement is the only solution.

Insufficient Heat

  • If you saw that your furnace is not producing the required heat, check that the vents of the furnace are open. 
  • Confirm that the thermostat is ‘on’ and set on ‘heat.’ Try replacing the batteries and increasing the temperature.
  • If the filters are not cleaned, the efficiency of the system decreases. Therefore, ensure that the filters that are being used are clean.

Short Cycling

  • Short cycling is the continuous switching on and off of the system without acquiring the room temperature. The saturated air filters can be the leading cause of short cycling. Ensure that the filters are clean and, if not, get them replaced. Check that the vents are open for proper heat distribution if the filters are clean. 

Furnace Turns Off Midway.

  • Dry filters lead to switching on and off of your furnace. Check the condition of the filters and accordingly clean or replace them to fix this issue.
  • If the flame sensor is unclean, the furnace will not allow the flame to burn correctly. Clean the flame sensor. Call a professional furnace repair in Phoenix, AZ, if the problem still exists.
  • Check for thermostat settings. It should either be set ‘on,’ ‘heat,’ or ‘auto.’ Check that the battery is in working condition. If you still face the issue, it’s time to replace the thermostat.

Thermostat Stopped Working

  • As mentioned, you should check that your furnace’s switch is ‘on’ and the thermostat is on the ‘heat’ mode.
  • Usually, a thermostat battery works for almost 2-5 years, but you must replace it every year, especially after a winter season, to keep your furnace in working condition. 

This is a reminder that you must keep the power switch ‘off’ as a safety precaution while working with the furnace. It will prevent any accidents that happen because of electricity. Thus, keeping you and your family away from danger.

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