HVAC systems allow you to control your home’s cooling and heating. These systems range from central air conditioners to air ductless AC unit furnaces, heat pumps, or boilers.

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Types of Ducted HVAC Systems.

• Split System

The split system for cooling and heating is among the most popular HVAC systems used in residential structures. They comprise two distinct parts, i.e., one for heating and one to cool, and employ a traditional thermostat to regulate the temperature of the whole structure.

In most buildings with split systems, the heating system is in the basement, utility room, or other storage space. However, cooling systems are located outside and are connected to the building’s ductwork with tubes.

• Hybrid Split System

According to our experts for HVAC repair in Phoenix, the hybrid HVAC uses the same design with a cooling system as the split unit; however, it doesn’t work solely on gas for heat.

Although the heater can burn gas, you can switch to electric energy. This option allows building owners greater control over their buildings’ energy usage and may assist in reducing energy bills.

• Packaged Heating And Cooling

Packaged cooling and heating systems’ smaller size makes them ideal for smaller buildings that lack storage space. The cooling and heating components are included together in a single unit. They are typically stored on the roof, in an attic area, or close to the foundation of the building.

• Zoned System

HVAC zones give users greater control over the temperature of different rooms or parts of a building. Technicians can zone HVAC systems in different ways. Our experts for HVAC repair in Phoenix suggest this kind of zoning can create an environment that is more relaxing and increases energy efficiency by moving airflow away from areas that don’t require it.

Types of Ductless HVAC Systems.

• Ductless Mini-Split

Mini-splits with ductless technology are installed in separate rooms, common in multifamily houses, office buildings, and hotel rooms.

While duct-free systems may be costly to install, they are often a great way to reduce energy consumption in the long run. Flexible zoning options permit users to cool and heat occupied rooms in a single location, thus preventing energy loss due to the ductwork.

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• Hydronic Heating

Unlike other HVAC systems on this listing, the hydronic system utilizes liquids instead of air to transfer heat. This system utilizes an electric boiler that heats water and then spreads it across a structure using a set of pipes beneath floors and distributes warmth throughout the space.

• Portable Spot Cooler

Spot coolers can be portable AC units designed to cool large factories, outdoor spaces, or manufacturing areas. They function by drawing in air, pushing it across an enclosed loop coil, and cooling it with refrigerant before returning it to the room.

• Portable Heat Pump

The heating function of the pump pulls in air from outside and runs it through the condenser coil before dispersing warmth throughout the space.

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