Nine of ten American homes have an HVAC system that accounts for around 18% of U.S. annual household electricity usage. To ensure maximum comfort and keep your HVAC system running at high efficiency, it is essential to be aware of the most frequent issues to catch them before they escalate into major problems.

Most Common Issues With The HVAC System.

Dirty Filters

A dirty air filter can be among the most frequently encountered problems affecting home HVAC systems’ performance. Regularly scheduled cleanings of the air filter are required for clean air quality. In certain situations, based on the air quality in your area and whether you have pets, you might need to clean out your air filter each month. If you require assistance, contact LJ Refrigeration Co., Inc. for the best heating services in Phoenix and surrounding areas.

Dirty Coils

If your unit has dirty coils and is not functioning correctly, the efficiency will decrease substantially. Contact LJ Refrigeration Co., Inc. to get in touch with a professional for HVAC repair in Phoenix.

Leaks of Refrigerant

Refrigerant leaks frequently cause service calls because the air conditioner will not perform as it should if refrigerant levels are too low. Phoenix’s HVAC companies suggest that various factors could cause the refrigerant leak. The system’s coils are corroded, and loose fittings and cracks in the refrigerant pipe can all lead to leaks.

Leaking Ductwork And Pipes

The ducts that circulate cool or warm air through your house are often overlooked as the cause of problems. If air leaks out of the ductwork, your furnace and air conditioner will perform harder to cool or warm up your house. Ensure that your registers and ducts are cleaned and checked frequently during. Contact LJ Refrigeration Co., Inc. for the best heating services or  heat pump repair in Scottsdale .

Water Leaks

Have you ever noticed pools of water around your cooling or heating units? This is because every HVAC unit creates condensation as a byproduct of cooling and heating the air inside your home. Drains are used to transport condensate, but when they’re blocked, you may experience leaks or a musty odor. Contact LJ Refrigeration Co., Inc. to get in touch with a skilled technician for HVAC repair in Phoenix.

Troubles With Ignition

If you own an electric furnace, the ignition issues could leave you with no heat. The source could be a dirty pilot light, a blocked gas supply, or other issues.

Thermostat Problems

The latest smart, programmable thermostats will help you cut heating costs and help keep you and your family comfortable. However, finding the proper temperature settings for your home might require effort. Studying the instructions for your thermostat is essential to ensure you get the best from it. Call a professional if you’re having difficulty keeping the proper temperature within your house.

Tripping Circuit Breakers

When the circuit breaker of your HVAC system needs to be reset frequently, make sure you call to get help from a professional immediately. It could result from a dirty air filter or a more complex issue. Regular inspections and maintenance checks can frequently catch issues before they become troublesome.


You should have regular or annually scheduled AC maintenance. This way, you will be able to avoid frequent HVAC issues. Are you interested in having your HVAC inspected by a reputed HVAC company in Phoenix? Call LJ Refrigeration Co., Inc. at (480)-948-5004 or email us. One of our HVAC experts will attend to all your concerns promptly.