Create a Peaceful and Romantic Home Setting this Spring

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Getting ready for spring makes us think of chores and hassles, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Make your home a romantic oasis for time together with your spouse indoors. Whether you’re spending time together casually on the couch or planning a date night at home, these tips will help make the home feel more like a sanctuary of relaxation than a place to do chores. LJ Refrigeration Co., Inc. will help get an AC installation service in Cave Creek, AZ that you and your loved ones will cherish for the long run we are the most recommended AC companies in Phoenix!

  1. Remove life’s daily stresses. When your spouse walks in the door, you want to be able to welcome each other to relax and escape from stresses. One of the best moves for making the home feel more comforting is to create a space for bills and mail that needs attending. When these things pile up as visual clutter on the counter, it looks like you’re both always behind. Every time you get the mail, discard what you don’t need and leave the items needing attention in a decorative box next to your desk. Keeping bills and paperwork out of the kitchen will make it a more relaxing place to associate with cooking together and enjoying a glass of wine.lj refrigeration2
  2. Keep everyone comfortable. Whether it’s you and your spouse coming home for a night in or you have guests over for a dinner party, everyone wants to cool off while spending time together indoors. The home should be a refuge from the heat and comfortably cool. Get a seasonal maintenance appointment for your AC to have it ready for the warmest Arizona months ahead. You and your spouse can let go of the worry, wondering if your AC’s performance is what it used to be or worrying about a breakdown ruining an evening.
  3. Reflect the season with flowers. Arrange some flowers on the dining room table and leave a single-stemmed floral on the nightstand in the bedroom. These small signs of spring make your home feel clean and fresh, and show your spouse you’re thinking of them. Plan a time to plant some spring herbs together. Consider a small window planter where you can let herbs grow in the sun without having to go in the heat to tend your garden.
  4. Switch to light, flowing cotton around the house for a breezy feel. The relaxation of a spa or tropical vacation can be emulated with some simple white cotton curtains and bedroom linens. Changing out warm and dark heavy fabrics like velvets and wools for light breezy cotton will help make it easier to stay cool and bring lots of brightness in from the natural light. Remember to pull curtains during the warmest parts of the day where sunlight will still shine through them and create beautiful natural light without overheating the house. A breezy setting like this will put you in a romantic mood to be spontaneous with a fun dinner together at home or a movie night in the living room.

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