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There are many HVAC companies in Phoenix in any given town or city, so consumers need to identify the most suitable service provider for their needs. For instance, homeowners should only hire a residential HVAC company to install, maintain or repair their HVAC systems. Residential Heating and cooling companies have technicians who are factory-trained to handle residential HVAC repair Phoenix, so they can easily meet all your HVAC needs. At LJ Refrigeration, we are proud to be the premier residential HVAC company in the state.

What We Offer

At LJ Refrigeration, we are a full-service HVAC company offering everything from HVAC design, installation, maintenance, repairs, and financing “subject to credit approval. If you need a new HVAC system installed in a new home or RV, we can design the system, give you a free estimate, discuss financing and perform the actual installation of the heating or cooling system.

We also provide convenient maintenance contractors to ensure your home is always comfortable. After all, we are a family of comfort specialists. In case of a breakdown.

Experienced HVAC Company

HVAC Repair Phoenix

We have been in the HVAC industry since 1963. This means you can benefit from more than half a century of industry experience when you choose to work with us to improve your home comfort. We have won many awards over the years, but the one we are most proud of is the high rating our clients have given us. Be sure to browse through our website to learn more about our services, to schedule a service, or request a free estimate on HVAC ( AC installation in Phoenix, water heater replacement in phoenix )

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should the Air Conditioning Unit be Serviced?

Air conditioners should be serviced once a year, according to experts. As a result, the air conditioning system’s life cycle will be extended, improving its performance. In addition, there are fewer repair bills as a result of this. The greatest season is spring. Nevertheless, frequent air conditioning repair is required to guarantee that your system continues to function properly.

How Much is the Cost of Heating Repair?

A heating repair can cost anywhere from $100 to $2,000+, but the average price is generally about $400. The following criteria determine the price of a furnace repair.

  • The kind of repair you require.
  • The warranty on the furnace.
  • The furnace repair is easy, economical, and efficient if done by experts. 

Can You Repair an AC System?

Depending on the problem, the AC repair may resolve it without replacing the device. Nevertheless, replacement may be the only choice if the condition is beyond repair or the unit is too outdated or ineffective. If your air conditioner system is still under warranty and less than ten years old, repairing it is a smart choice.

What is AC Repair?

Air conditioning repair guarantees that your air conditioner is trouble-free and functioning correctly. Air conditioning repair service can assist with water leaking from the air conditioner, noise from the air conditioner, and more.

What to Do if Your Heat is Not Working?

Firstly, do a DIY examination in the following steps.

  • Check the power switch on the furnace. Some furnaces feature an on/off switch that is quite simple to turn off accidentally.
  • Examine the fuse box that controls your heater.
  • Replace the air filters as necessary.
  • Take note of any odors.

If you find any of the following problems, call in an expert in HVAC repair Phoenix as soon as possible.

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