Why Do You Need AC Maintenance/AC Repair in Phoenix?

To prevent your home from being hot as a boiler, you should call for air conditioning repair in Phoenix. At LJ Refrigeration Co., Inc., we know the importance of an optimally working air conditioner before the summer strikes.  Our AC repair in Phoenix is remarkable.

With the rising heat of the summer, the charges of emergency repairs also increase. Your air conditioner can handle constant running only when it is adequately maintained. Thus, while getting ready to beat the summer heat, you need to include AC replacement Phoenix and air conditioner maintenance in your checklist.


AC Installation in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, AZ, and the Surrounding Areas

How LJ Refrigeration Co. Inc. Performs AC Repair in Phoenix?

Ours is a process-oriented functioning, and we believe that a consistent process helps us do our job better and achieve success. We follow some simple yet significant steps in every AC repair in Phoenix job we perform.


We are great listeners and the best doers in the AC repairing industry. Once we receive a service requirement call, we try to understand the concerns through a set of questions. You may need to fill up a service form if you are scheduling our service online instead of over a phone call for AC repair in Phoenix.


We have a perfect team of technicians and HVAC repair in Phoenix experts with the expertise to accomplish any job. We strive to offer the best to our clients. The discussion and allocation of the job to the specialist technician who then visits your home given by us.


We hate to complete our job superficially, and you need to be patient and cooperative with us in this step. Our technician takes enough time to thoroughly evaluate your air conditioner, to find every smaller yet essential issue with the system. Once you call LJ Refrigeration Co., Inc., we make sure that you get an overall inspection and maintenance of your air conditioner.


After we are sure about the repairs and replacements your air conditioner requires to start operating normally, we work out the best price we can offer to get your job done. We hate the idea of hidden processes and terms. Thus, we are upfront about our fees for each job.


When you agree upon the service type and the price for the service, we don’t waste any further time before starting our repair job. We celebrate success every day at LJ Refrigeration Co., Inc., with every completed job of air conditioning repair in Phoenix.

What’s Our Role in AC Installation in Phoenix?

We provide a wide range of services that include AC Repair and Installation in Phoenix too. If you are installing a new AC or want to reinstall the old one – we can do both. With years of experience and expertise, we can assist you in AC purchasing also. After evaluating your room space, the number of family members, and many other details, we suggest the best AC brand and model that suits you and will serve you for the longest possible span.

When you need an AC repair or AC installation in Phoenix, you deserve the best professionals, who put their heart and mind into the task at hand. For affordable yet high-quality services, look no further than LJ Refrigeration Co.,  Inc. as it comes among the top HVAC companies in Phoenix and you can call them at 480-948-5004 to know more.

Do you want to change your old AC with a new one? Well, LJ Refrigeration Co.,  Inc. can help you with AC installation in Phoenix.

About Us

Since 1981, we have been providing you with honest, certified, and knowledgeable professionals. We provide complete information about the product, how it works, and how to maintain it. LJ Refrigeration Co.,  Inc. is available 24/7 for emergency  AC repair in Scottsdale, Arizona. We do our best and provide trained and certified technicians to get the job done.

Why Choose Us? 

At LJ Refrigeration Co.,Inc., we strive to provide the best AC repair, maintenance, or AC installation in Phoenix, AZ

Fast and Flexible Service

We offer reliable air conditioning repair in Phoenix, AZ, to suit every budget. We will get your AC in good working order with fast and flexible service.


An AC malfunction can happen at any time, so we are ready to help you every minute of the day. Our experts work 24/7 to help you plan your events. Our experts are available day after day to make your booking simpler and more rewarding for you. 

Transparent Pricing

We endeavor to provide transparent pricing to all our customers. 


Our experts will constantly check your home and property. 

Excellent Team of Technicians

We employ expert technicians in the field. 


Our HVAC specialists carry all the equipment and hardware needed for ventilation or AC repair in Phoenix.

If your air conditioner is humming, leaking, not cooling, or experiencing any other problem, we are ready to help. To book our service, contact us today for AC tune up Phoenix! We look forward to hearing from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting an AC repair in Phoenix is comfortable with LJ Refrigeration. You have to fill our online form for booking a service, or you can call us on 480-948-5004 and schedule your appointment. 

With a team of experienced, insured, and certified HVAC technicians, LJ Refrigeration provides the best AC installation in Phoenix. All our technicians have an average experience of 10 years on the field, and they can carefully and professionally install your new air conditioner so that your device runs until its maximum lifespan. 

You may schedule an air conditioning repair in Phoenix when your unit is either malfunctioning or running inefficiently. An AC repair means your air conditioner has some components that need to be fixed. To keep your AC in its best condition, you need to schedule AC maintenance at least twice a year. 

Sometimes you can solely blame the condenser unit for a malfunctioning air conditioner. And if you want to replace just outside AC, you can do that. Our technicians can replace your outdoor unit at LJ Refrigeration while making sure that the unit is entirely compatible with your indoor unit. Though the condenser and the compressor unit of the air conditioner are engineered to work cohesively, there is no point in changing the indoor unit if it's working correctly. 



Arizona is one of the most extreme environments in the USA. The summer temperature in Arizona is too high, and every homeowner needs to have the best-suited AC unit to cool their home. It's essential to consider your home's cooling needs, the features and functionalities you are looking for in an air conditioner, and your budget to pick the best AC unit for your home. The top 2 AC brands you can prefer are:


The perfect size of the air conditioner for your home utterly depends upon the total area you want to cool down. Additionally, you need to consider the ceiling height, the number of windows and doorways you have, and the number of humans inside your home. At LJ Refrigeration Co.,  Inc., Our air conditioning repair in Phoenix is mind-boggling and we recommend having a 1.5 Ton AC unit for 600 to 900 square feet of area. If your home is more than 900 square feet and 1200 square feet, you need to install a 2 T air conditioning unit.  

If you want to have even cooling throughout your home, central air conditioners are the best. Central AC systems are less expensive, but they require more annual maintenance than split systems. Split air conditioning systems are designed to cool down a single room. Both types of air conditioners work best depending upon your unique cooling needs. Talk to an HVAC expert from LJ Refrigeration Co.,  Inc. to know what works best for your home. 

For any kind of AC installation in Phoenix, you can just fill up the form now and we will contact you.