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Air conditioners have a good reputation when it comes to longevity. They can last for quite a long while if they receive the proper care. Their warranties reflect this. Most will be covered for at least 10 years which is far from the usual one-year coverage for most appliances. Yet even these reliable units will require AC replacement Phoenix somewhere down the road. Here are a few red flags to watch out for:

Chronic System FailureAir Conditioning Services

It is not unusual for a unit to have issues. However, frequently recurring issues are a different matter altogether. Problems should be immediately resolved by a competent technician through basic troubleshooting and parts replacement if required. The problem with old units is everything is starting to fail and problems are usually interconnected. Fixing one segment is not enough as something else will act up. Homeowners end up spending a fortune on repairs. They are better off getting a new system and starting fresh.

Unmanageable Rise in Energy Bills

Air conditioners are usually responsible for the bulk of any household’s energy consumption. When the bills rise, then it is the prime suspect for the increase. Indeed, an old AC may see its energy efficiency drop so low that consumption rises at a phenomenal rate. Rather than pay for this excessive consumption every month, just replace the unit and enjoy the perks of an efficient system.

The LJ Refrigeration Company

Our company serves Scottsdale, AZ, and nearby areas we are one of the best HVAC companies in Phoenix. If you have been thinking of an AC replacement for your home, then give us a call, and let’s discuss your options for AC repair in Scottsdale. We can provide you with the expertise to select a much better unit to supplant the old one. We carry high-quality products from trusted brands that have impressive warranty coverage. Our certified technicians have experienced AC installation in Phoenix who will ensure a great fit and efficient operation.

AC Replacement in Phoenix

Looking for a reliable HVAC and AC replacement company in Phoenix? Be sure to contact our team at LJ Refrigeration. Our fully experienced and trained team is backed by a globally recognized brand with decades of impeccable service every step of the way. 

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Knowledge and Experience

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We also believe that your safety, your family’s safety, and your home is of utmost importance. Thus, we ensure to protect all those and let the professionals manage your heating and cooling system. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1- How Can I Choose the Right AC Replacement in Scottsdale?

Never take the first air conditioning system clients come across. Carefully study AC replacement Scottsdale HVAC brand evaluations, user experiences, and budget alternatives while researching the prospect of installing an AC unit in Phoenix. Investigate as many different systems as you can. When purchasing a new air conditioning unit, choose one that is environmentally friendly to save money.

2 – How Much Does a New AC Unit Cost in AZ?

The average cost of a new air conditioner in Arizona is $5800. Based on the unit’s pricing and the installation difficulties, this number might range from $1,600 to $10,600. When done by professionals, AC installation in Arizona is simple, cost-effective, and efficient. The air filters that arrive with a fresh AC installation in Phoenix might last anywhere from six months to a year.

3 – What Are the Signs of a Bad AC Condenser?

Here are the signs of a bad AC condenser unit

  • The device is making loud and unusual noises.
  • The unit’s cooling capacity has been significantly reduced.
  • The device is leaking a significant volume of fluid in addition to the usual humidity.

If found any of the above, contact an AC replacement Scottsdale now.

4 – How Much Does an AC Replacement Scottsdale System Cost?

The average cost of AC replacement Phoenix is $5819. However, the amount may fluctuate up to $10,600. The living space of the property, the desired brand, and the SEER rating chosen are the primary elements that will impact the expense of the AC unit. 

5 – What is Involved in Installing a New System?

There are many technicalities involved in a new AC installation. Ac Cabling, installing the new air handler or furnace, and installing a new thermostat are all part of the installation process. The typical Copper Piping and Power Cable are connected between the Internal and External Units. The unit is turned on to evaluate cooling performance and is then commissioned. Depending on the conditions, this might take anywhere from four to ten hours. Trust an expert AC replacement in Scottsdale to do the job right and effectively. 

6 – Where do I Get Replacement Parts?

The replacement parts of an AC need to be of top quality and safe guarantee. Hence, invest with trust in LJ Refrigeration Co., Inc. instead of worrying whether the technician will supply the genuine and authentic parts. Offering comprehensive cooling and heating solutions in Phoenix gets the work done correctly and pays attention to the details. Call (480)-948-5004 today for a free quote.

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