Air conditioning and ventilation systems get overwhelmed by extreme heat and desert dust. Unfortunately, such searing hot days might overburden the air conditioner, which is the most likely moment for it to fail.

One may avoid costly emergency AC repair in Phoenix by following these few simple procedures to keep your air conditioner in excellent working condition.

The Air Filter Should be Changed

It’s essential to replace (or clean, in the case of re-usable) the air filter in your home’s HVAC system at least once a year, regardless of the season.

Regular Maintenance

Routine servicing by an AC repair in Scottsdale saves time and money in the long run because a well-maintained system uses less electricity, performs better, and lasts 7-10 years longer than an ignored one.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat can assist in keeping your air conditioner cool while reducing energy use and expenditures.

Clean Debris and Vegetation Around the Outside Area

The heat-removal operation of your outdoor air conditioner necessitates a large amount of open air. Regularly check for debris and vegetation around the unit to ensure it is operating correctly. 

Any dirt that collects inside the housing can put the system under strain. For example, dirty condenser coils might increase compressor energy usage by up to 30%.

Shut the Blinds and Drapes During the Day

The heat from the sun can dramatically warm up your home when your blinds and curtains are open, forcing your air conditioner to work harder. However, by closing the curtains, you can keep the heat out and give your air conditioner a break.

Examine Your attic’s Insulation

Your attic’s insulation helps keep the rest of your house cool. If you don’t have enough, your air conditioner will have to work harder to keep you comfortable.

Make use of Fans

Use fans to disperse the cool air your air conditioner produces throughout your home. Ceiling fans consume less energy than air conditioners and provide optimum air circulation throughout the home.

Repair any Leaks

Your air conditioner may struggle to work if there are any refrigerant leaks. Repair any leaks and keep the refrigerant level at a safe level.

Increase the Temperature

Setting your thermostat around 78°F during the day means your air conditioner won’t have to work any more than it needs to. If you buy a programmed thermostat, you can raise the temperature while you’re away and lower it automatically when you return.

Clean the Condensate Drain Tube

If you see water puddling around the AC, it may be due to a clogged condensate drain tube. To get rid of bacteria or sludge, unclog the condensate drain.

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