As summer approaches, many homeowners may find themselves in the market for a new air conditioning unit. While replacing an AC unit can be a significant investment, it’s important to remember that an efficient and reliable unit is essential for keeping your house cool during the summer.

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Here Are 12 Things To Consider Before Replacing Your AC Unit:

• Age Of Your Current AC Unit

The age of your current AC unit is essential when deciding whether to replace it. If your system is older than ten years, it may be time to start thinking about a replacement. Older units are often less efficient and may require frequent repairs, leading to higher energy bills and maintenance costs.

• Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a crucial consideration when replacing your AC unit. Looking for energy-efficient models with a higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating is essential. These units are more efficient and can help you save money on your energy bills in the long run. Ensure to look for units with the Energy Star label, which indicates that the unit meets or exceeds energy efficiency standards.

• Type Of Refrigerant Used

The type of refrigerant used is an important consideration when replacing your AC unit. Older units may use refrigerants like R-22, which are harmful to the environment and are being phased out. Newer units often use more environmentally friendly refrigerants, like R-410A. Upgrading to a newer model with a more eco-friendly refrigerant can help you reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment while keeping your home cool and comfortable.

• Desired Comfort

When replacing an AC unit, it’s essential to consider your desired level of comfort. If your current unit is not providing sufficient cooling, taking too long to cool your home, or working harder than it should, consider replacing it. Older systems might not be as effective as they once were, and if your home has an AC unit that’s too small, it may be working double-time to keep up with demands, leading to poor efficiency and higher energy bills.

• Size Of The Unit

Selecting the right size AC unit is critical for optimal cooling and efficiency. An undersized unit may struggle to cool your home adequately, while an oversized unit can lead to higher energy bills and poor humidity control. Our professional technician at LJ Refrigeration Co., Inc. can perform a load calculation to determine the appropriate size unit for your home based on factors like square footage, insulation, and local climate conditions. Get in touch with us today for reliable AC installation in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas.

• Advanced Technology

Advanced technology is another important consideration when selecting a new AC unit. If your current unit is outdated and starting to wear out, upgrading to a newer model may be the better option. Newer units come with advanced features like variable speed fans, smart thermostats, and improved energy efficiency, making them more cost-effective and convenient. By upgrading to a newer unit, you can take advantage of the latest technology and enjoy a more comfortable, energy-efficient home.

• Cost Of The Unit

Cost is a significant consideration when replacing an AC unit, so it’s essential to factor in the cost of the unit and your budget. While a higher-quality unit may be more expensive upfront, it can significantly save energy bills and maintenance costs in the long run. It’s essential to consider the overall value of the unit rather than just the initial cost.

• Available Warranties

Available warranties are another vital consideration when selecting a new AC unit. In the event of any unanticipated repairs or concerns, a warranty may safeguard your investment and provide you with peace of mind. Be sure to inquire about the available warranties for your chosen unit and understand what is covered and for how long.

• Maintenance Requirements

Regular maintenance is crucial for running your AC unit smoothly and preventing unexpected repairs. Be sure to inquire about the maintenance requirements of your new unit and understand what steps you need to take to keep it in good working condition. Most manufacturers will have recommended maintenance schedules that include regular cleaning and tune-ups, and it’s essential to follow these guidelines to maintain your warranty coverage.

• Local Climate

The local climate is an important consideration when replacing your AC unit. If you are in a region with extreme heat and humidity, you may need a larger, more powerful unit to cool your home adequately. Alternatively, a smaller and more energy-efficient unit may be suitable if you are in a milder climate. It’s important to consider the local climate and how it will affect the performance and efficiency of your AC unit.

• Indoor Air Quality

The air quality inside your home is another important consideration when replacing your AC unit. Newer models often come with advanced air filtration systems that can help improve indoor air quality by reducing dust, allergens, and other airborne pollutants. This is essential if you or a family member in your house suffers from allergies or respiratory issues.

• Installation Process

The installation process is an important consideration when replacing your AC unit. It’s essential to have a professional technician install it to ensure that the unit is installed correctly and functioning optimally. Improper installation can lead to many issues, including reduced efficiency, increased energy bills, and potential safety hazards.

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