Guide to Air Conditioning Installation Carefree AZ

Air Conditioning Installation and AC tune-up Phoenix are best handled by an experienced specialist. The task involves working with electrical connections and HVAC equipment. The process is typically time-consuming and has to be carried out methodically. Any errors during installation will undermine the system’s capacity to function properly and efficiently.

The indoor unit must be installed in an ideal location that allows it to provide optimal air distribution. The position should be far away from doors, free of pipes, and allows free air circulation. The unit must not be obscured by furniture or other objects. When it comes to the outdoor unit, it is important to avoid direct exposure to the sun. It is weatherproof but a bit of shade allows it to operate more efficiently.

Both the indoor and outdoor units are best installed and secured on a flat surface. Copper tubing should not block any air vents. Roof-mounted air conditioning systems require firm anchoring to prevent being tipped over by strong winds. The copper pipe that comes with the air conditioners is too thin to be bent using a conventional pipe bender. Instead, it is best to remove the insulation and expose the pipe.

This makes it easier to bend to achieve a wider radius. Working outward from the center is more effective since it allows the installer to press the pipes firmly. The thumb indentations should be kept below 0.03 inches (1 millimeter).

Once done, the insulation can be re-fitted and secured using waterproof tape. On the other hand, the water drain pipe can be installed next to the drip tray. The rubber bung must be inserted into the hole at the opposite end. The water run-off should install at an angle to allow water to flow away from the building.

The unit can release up to 4 pints of water in the course of 24 hours, particularly on very hot days. Air Conditioning Installation Carefree AZ technicians typically smear pipe facings with oil before attaching them to brass cones. HVAC companies in Phoenix, is a professional AC installation in Phoenix.