Suppose you face any trouble with your air conditioner like it does not provide cool air during the hot summers. You will need to repair it or replace it with a new AC installation in Phoenix .

Many homeowners often forget about the repair needs of the AC unit unless it is too late. Thus a homeowner must schedule regular maintenance of the AC to identify any minor issue before it becomes a big problem.

We have listed below five warning signs that indicate that your AC needs repair and you need a professional for HVAC repair Phoenix.

  • No Cool Air

In the middle of the summer, the worst nightmare for a homeowner is a failing air conditioner. When your AC is switched on, but still the temperature in your home doesn’t decrease, it means that something is wrong with your unit.

You will have to call a professional or an AC repair company to solve your problems and get your cool air back.

  • High Energy Bills

When your air conditioner system is not working as it is supposed to, it will have to work harder for increased periods to maintain the required temperature in your home.

And such hard work for a long time will lead to higher monthly energy bills. You should pay attention to such warning signs and call a professional company to inspect your AC unit and perform the necessary service. 

  • Foul Smell 

If you smell something musty or burning, call a professional right away. Ignoring this will have severe consequences. Mould growth in your AC unit might be responsible for the musty odour, or the burning smell must have come from burnt wire insulation. 

You should always remember to quickly call a technician whenever you smell anything burning in your home. It is a serious problem for the safety of you and your AC unit. 

  • Loud and Strange Noises

Every machine makes some noise while operating, and so does the air conditioner, but such sounds are very low and negligible. But if you hear loud and unusual noises like grinding, squealing, and thumping sounds coming from your AC, then it means that your unit needs repair as soon as possible. 

Call a professional and schedule an appointment to inspect your unit and get your problem solved.

  • Presence of Leaks

Refrigerants used in your air conditioner are harmful to your health. If you find any leaks in your air conditioner, the refrigerant may be coming out. It is a very serious problem and requires immediate attention from you. 

The reason behind this problem can be clogged drain tubes. And you will need to call an experienced technician and get professional help.

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