Professional Air Conditioning Repair

Increase Your AC’s Efficiency With Expert Air Conditioning Repair

Energy utility bills can be a major concern in your monthly budget. Plus, excessive usage of electric energy is not an eco-friendly behavior. If you are paying too much for your home comfort and if an inefficient air conditioner is majorly responsible for a higher utility bill, this is the time to fix it with necessary air conditioning repair in Phoenix. We have a few suggestions for you for a more affordable home.

Change The Air Filters

Dirty and clogged air filters are unhealthy for your home and family, but they are also responsible for interrupting airflow throughout your house. Dust, dirt, pollen, and other debris can clog the air filters over time, and they make it hard for your air conditioner to work efficiently. Changing air filters is the cheapest option for better energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

Paying once for annual professional maintenance can save you much money every year. A professionally maintained air conditioner can replace daily spending on air conditioning repair in Phoenix. Plus, you get better air quality inside your house. Most of the AC Companies in Phoenix suggest at least one professional maintenance every year. You can go twice or thrice if need be.

Seal and Insulate Home

Producing cold air is not enough to keep your house fresh and comfortable. It would help if you stored that cool air for the longest possible time, to save on your energy utility bill. If your air conditioner generates cold air, but it is leaking through cracks and holes around your window and door panels, your AC will need to work more to maintain the desired temperature. Seal all the points which are leaking air.

If you are looking for more ways to improve your air conditioner’s efficiency, call LJ Refrigeration Co., Inc. at 480-948-5004. Our technicians can help you with suggestions and professional AC repair in Scottsdale and the neighborhood.

 Why Is AC Maintenance Necessary?

AC maintenance can address many underlying problems in your AC and can fix them before they turn out to be significant issues. Plus, professionally maintained ACs are more efficient than those that are not maintained at all.

How Long Does an Air Conditioner Last?

For most air conditioner brands, the maximum life expectancy of an air conditioner is 15 years. In general, your conditioner can run for 10 to 15 years with maintenance and care.

How Do I Keep My AC in Good Condition?

You can keep your AC clean, professionally maintained, and tuned up to keep it in its best condition for the most extended period of time.

How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner?

It would help if you get your AC serviced at least once a year by professional HVAC technicians. Simple DIY servicing can be done every week or whenever needed.

How Often Should We Replace Our Old AC?

If your air conditioner is 10 to 15 years old and is in trouble, you may think of replacing it instead of scheduling an air conditioning repair in Phoenix. Sometimes, your AC may run up to 20 years or more when it is adequately maintained.

How Can I Lower My AC Bill?

Keeping your AC clean and maintained can enhance your air conditioner’s efficiency and lower your AC bill.

How Long Do Air Conditioner Compressors Last?

Your AC compressor may last for 12 to 15 years when you maintain it with proper care and professional servicing.