Is your home furnace calling out to you? Could this be a wake-up call? Pretty much all the home appliances make some sounds at times. The dishwasher makes a sound while sprinkling water on the dishes, your refrigerator makes a noise while running, and so on. Eventually, we get habituated to these sounds. However, we can all detect an unfamiliar sound. Our home furnace can also make different sounds. Since many of the homeowners take the continual operation of a furnace for granted, it’s a good idea to know more about this topic. This article will describe some of the typical noises your furnace can make and when you should call for a furnace repair in Scottsdale.

Common Noises Made by Your Furnace and How to Address Them? 

Would you believe if I said that there is always a solution to each of the everyday furnace noises you might be hearing? However, be prepared that when your furnace makes unusual noises, the solution might involve complexity and cost. It is always better to call for a professional HVAC technician before the problem gets worse. You shall soon understand why, after reading this article.

Screeching or Squealing 

There can be a bad fan belt in the blower that is leading to the screeching or squealing sound. If it is so, you need to replace the belt. If the blower motor needs lubrication, it can make such a noise. Depending on the furnace’s model, you may or may not be able to lubricate your blower motor yourself. It takes a special kind of lubricant and not your common household one. Call for professional heat pump repair in Scottsdale when in doubt.


A rattling sound can also be associated with the furnace’s blower assembly or motor. It is likely to occur when something is either broken or loose. If the rattling sounds get louder, shut your system off until you get professional help.


If you can hear a popping sound from your ductwork, you need not worry. The sound is due to the expansion of the cold metal ducts as the warm air rushes through it. But, if the popping sound comes from another source like your furnace, and does not go away with some time, it might be time to call for a professional furnace repair in Scottsdale and find out what’s going on.


Is your furnace system making a buzzing noise? It could be due to a malfunctioning compressor or a refrigerant leak. You should call for a professional inspection when you hear such noise.


If you hear any clicking sound coming from your furnace, it may be due to the outside compressor or the inside air handler. However, there can be many causes behind such a problem which a professional HVAC technician can quickly diagnose. A clicking sound may be the sign of a malfunctioning ignition system which can get worse if ignored.

A professional HVAC technician is qualified for furnace repair in Scottsdale and can deal with any problem your furnace is facing. Why take a risk by following the do-it-yourself route when you can call a trained technician? HVAC companies in phoenix are just a call away to deal with all your furnace needs.