Maintenance and servicing of all HVAC systems are essential to their efficiency and longevity. Turning on your furnace to find no heat from the vents is frustrating. The cause of this problem can be anything from a simple mechanical problem to a more complex one. You can resolve blower problems by following a few troubleshooting tips before calling a furnace repair service.

If you are still having trouble despite trying these tips, contact HVAC companies in Phoenix, to get your system back up & to run.

Get Your Furnace Running Again by Following These Simple Troubleshooting Steps.

• Furnace Wires Need to Be Inspected.

You need to ensure there’s no burnt or blown fuse on the power cord. Check your cables and then unplug and plug the fan back in after a few minutes if they look fine. You may be able to fix your furnace problem by resetting the motor using this process.

Check your fuse box if the fan does not work after unplugging and replugging it. Overloading your system may have caused the breaker to go out due to a surge in electricity. Make sure that none of the breakers in your fuse box are blown.

• Ensure Your Thermostat Is Correctly Set.

Once you have confirmed that your blower fan is powered, you should examine the thermostat on your furnace. Most heating systems are designed to be operated automatically. However, a manual inspection may be necessary if your thermostat malfunctions, becomes old, or is set incorrectly. If your furnace blower is not working, try turning the thermostat on mode rather than auto mode.

Most thermostats have three settings, i.e., on, auto, and off. Call us for heating service in Phoenix if the problem persists. They can inspect and repair it properly. If you turn on your thermostat and nothing happens, try replacing the batteries or raising the thermostat by 3 to 5 degrees.

• Check The Filters and Vents.

Ensure that the filters and vents surrounding the blower aren’t clogged so that the blower works properly. You may need to adjust the air filter arrows if your furnace blower doesn’t start. Rotate the filter if the arrows point in the wrong direction.

You should also check the vents around the blower. Make sure the vents aren’t closed or clogged. There is also a possibility that your blower is too dirty to work. Use compressed air or a rag to remove dust from the blower if it looks dusty.

• Check the Blower Motor.

Following the previous steps, you should determine if the blower motor is faulty. You should ensure that the furnace door is completely closed since an open door will prevent the furnace from operating. If a door is closed correctly, a switch inside its compartment engages. Disconnect the circuit breaker from the furnace. Ensure the belt on the blower motor is not frayed or broken, and check for cracks.

The blower motor can be made operational again by replacing the belt and by calling us. Hire our HVAC repair  in Phoenix for assistance. You should use caution and check the blower motor to prevent overheating. In the event of an overheated blower motor, you will need to replace it. HVAC technicians can fix a broken blower motor.

The professionals at LJ Refrigeration can resolve furnace blower problems through annual preventative maintenance. Feel free to call at (480)-948-5004.