Long-Awaited and Dreamed About Installation, Don’t Turn It Into A Nightmare

LJ Refrigerator

You decide that this summer is the one where you are going to surprise your family with that long-awaited air conditioning system. Each summer you proclaim that the heat is going to be the death of you and each summer passes without the installation. Yes, it has taken you a few years to get the cash together but this year is finally the year. The big question is who do you get to install it now? LJ Refrigeration is your helping hand for advice and technical information that will make your equipment selection that much easier and your air conditioner installation service in Fountain Hills, AZ, an experience worth the wait.

Installation Do’s and Don’ts

When it comes to an AC installation in Phoenix, treat it with the urgency required. This is not a small investment, in fact, it has probably taken you a good few years to save up for it and you want to be sure that you get value for your money.

Don’t simply take the cheapest quote on offer without investigating each and every supplier. You may find that there are so many flies-by-night contractors offering you all kinds of amazing things but at the end of the day, you are left with only frustration and irritation. Do your research. Ask the local community who they recommend and use your good old friend Google. I am sure that you will come across our name, LJ Refrigeration. We are the company the community believes in and trusts with their AC company in Phoenix.

We provide an installation service that is guaranteed to impress and more than satisfy.

LJ Refrigeration, Perfect Every Time

Whether your application is residential or commercial, we are the team for you. We have been in operation since 1981, providing quality service and equipment to the community.

We value your time and your patronage. Time is something nobody has enough of these days and we sure as heck won’t waste yours. When our team makes an appointment we stick with it and ensure that we are always on time.
Our technical team is professional in their approach to any job, however, the personal touch and attention to detail is something that our customers admire and appreciate. We realize that we are after all dealing with people not just another number on a list of things to do.

We provide thorough service for our customers which guarantees that regardless of your AC requirements, we can complete it with ease. AC repair in Scottsdale maintenance, installation, and even replacements are no match for our talents and experience. Our team is effective at completing troubleshooting which allows us to locate and pinpoint your exact area of concern and target that rather than waste hours searching. Our service is aimed at providing fast, effective and satisfying results. We aren’t happy until you are. Customer satisfaction is the foundation of our business and.

Call LJ Refrigeration now at (480)-948-5004 for much-needed advice on a system that is best suited to your application, requirements, and your budget. We do offer financial solutions that allow you to install that dreamed about unit today and pay it over a negotiated period at flexible rates.