Pump Up Your Heat

heat pump repair in Scottsdale, AZ

Finding a heat pump repair in Scottsdale can be cumbersome, as there are so many HVAC companies. Incorporated in 1981, we have been the leading heating and air conditioning experts around. We are dedicated to meeting your needs and your satisfaction is our aim. We go to great lengths to ensure that you are as comfortable at your home as you wish. Our clientele base includes both residential and light commercial. We at HVAC companies in Phoenix. are a big family and our staff is highly trained. Our company offers a wide range of services which can be grouped into:

Air Conditioning

We at LJ Refrigeration believe that you value your home. It is, for this reason, we offer services that ensure your home is as comfortable for you and your family as possible. We offer the following services with respect to air conditioning:


It’s a common fact that during the winter, the temperature can get pretty low. We at LJ understand that you need to keep warm all throughout the year. This way we offer services which will ensure that you are warm throughout the year. These services include:

Heat pumps

In every home, this is an essential component as they help to keep families comfortable no matter how low the temperature. We have the best technicians and our reputation speaks for itself. We offer excellent assistance and service heat pumps of all manufacturers. We offer scheduled heat pump services for all customers.

In addition to heat pump services, we offer heat pump repair and water heater replacement in phoenix. We understand that heat pumps are of great importance to your household, that why we offer heat pumps repairs services in Scottsdale to our clients. Your heat pump may break down causing you much discomfort and trouble in your household. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, our highly trained technicians will fix your problem in a matter of minutes.

heat pump repair in Scottsdale, AZ

Hot water heater

In the morning, we tend to enjoy a hot water shower; it’s really refreshing. Having a hot warm shower/bath could brighten your day. It is for that reason we offer hot water heater services to our clients to ensure that you have peace of mind, save your money and time, and increase the lifespan of your hot water. We offer routine services to our clients.

There’s nothing more horrible than going to take a shower than your water heater breaking down in the middle of your shower. We offer hot water heater repair services to our customers to ensure that you continue enjoying your hot shower. Just know that LJ Refrigeration got you covered.

When Do I Get an Appointment?

In Scottsdale, there are various HVAC contractors, but you should understand different contractors offer different charges and quality. However, when you want assurance of quality and affordable services, you should get in touch with us. We will meet your needs and leave you with maximum satisfaction.

You can get ahold of us by calling (480)-948-5004. We also offer emergency services for clients so that you continue having full comfort in your household.