AC repair or replacement can be costly if you fail to maintain your system. AC is a crucial part of your home, keeping you comfortable throughout the hot summer days of Phoenix. You can easily avoid irreparable damage to your AC if you know certain things about the Ac system.

To avoid high-cost AC replacement in Phoenix, keep the following eight things in mind:

Selecting an Inaccurate AC Size

If you select the wrong AC size for your home, such as AC being too big or too small, it triggers a potential threat to the AC unit. Carry out a manual J heat load calculation. It will help you select the accurate AC size for your home.

Avoiding Regular Cleaning of the Air Filter

Air filters are an essential component of the AC system. It protects you and your home from air pollutants, allergens, and other air contaminants entering your room. A clogged filter with dust and debris can restrict airflow. It may freeze the AC by increasing the energy utility of the system.

Examining AC Issues Without An Expert

An HVAC technician is trained to deal with HVAC issues. It is advisable to call for professional help for HVAC repair in Phoenix. Don’t rely on your HVAC knowledge alone to solve AC issues.

Forgetting Annual Servicing

Regular maintenance of the AC increases the system’s efficiency and lifespan. If you neglect annual maintenance, there is a high chance that your AC unit will experience a sudden breakdown. If the issue is severe, you need to pay a big amount to get the system back to normal working condition.  

Avoiding Warning Signs

You may not be proficient in fixing AC issues. Your system will present several warning signs suggesting that it requires a professional check-up. For example, unpleasant odor, unknown noise, sudden hike in electricity bills, or others are potential warning signs highlighting immediate check-up of the AC. Call your nearest HVAC contractor today for an AC tune-up in Phoenix if you are experiencing such problems.

Utilizing Doors and Vents for Temperature Control

Using your vents and doors for temperature control in your rooms can damage the AC. The AC is designed to suit a specific unit area of your room. Vents and doors can create cold and hot spots in the room, disrupting the system’s efficient performance.

Frequent Adjustment of Thermostat

Don’t adjust the thermostat repeatedly. This will enhance the AC’s workload. Certain parts of the AC cannot bear such a load, and thus, it can wear out soon.

Power Washing of the AC

Power washing must be avoided for the AC system. Although it may appear easy, it can damage different AC parts such as AC coil or compressor. This may lead to a sudden breakdown of the unit.


Thus, if you follow the above, you can prevent your AC from costly replacements. However, if you encounter difficulty in identifying AC issues, feel free to contact LJ Refrigeration Co., Inc.. We have been premier HVAC specialists serving Arizona and Scottsdale since 1981. For further information regarding our services, visit us.