Many homeowners across the nation are choosing to put heat pumps in their houses. If you are of those owners. You are well aware of the advantages that heat pumps are economical, efficient, and versatile. 

Heat pumps are one of the only HVAC systems available in the market. That can be used for both summer conditioning. And winter heating, making them a practical and cost-effective option. 

However, no matter how best your device is, it will need to be repaired at some point. When this happens, you’ll need a team of skilled HVAC experts to restore your system for the heat pump and heating services in Phoenix

What Are Some Common Repairs?

Hereunder are some common repairs experts perform during a heat pump repair session. 

Leaks of Coolant

Your heat pump functions similarly to an air conditioner, transferring heat from one location to another by employing the refrigerant flow. Refrigerant is vital for your heat pump’s functioning in winter and summer. 

A leak is bound to cause problems. For example, a leak in the coolant line means that there is insufficient gas to effectively absorb and transmit heat. Which can cause engine damage and harm your comfort. 

An HVAC expert will be able to repair any breaches in the coolant line and replenish the refrigerant. So that your system can operate accurately and effectively once more. Also, do not hesitate to call a specialist if you observe a decrease in heating/cooling power or hear any weird spraying sounds.

Frozen Over Exterior Unit

In the winter, heat is emitted from the outdoor coil, whereas in the summer, heat is absorbed. Therefore, it is highly regular for a frost coating on the outdoor unit throughout the winter. 

However, your heating system should be performing a defrost cycle to remove this frost because too much ice might completely block the heating unit, causing all sorts of problems. 

Reversing Valve Is Damaged

The reversing valve is responsible for allowing the heat pump to invert the refrigerant flow, allowing you to shift between “heating mode” and “cooling mode.” 

However, the reversing valve can malfunction and become trapped in one position, preventing you from moving between heating and cooling modes. 

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