AC Maintenance Tips

Air filters play a vital role in the operation of your air conditioners. They trap the dirt, debris, pollen, and other particles from the air and keep them from entering your system. However, there is no doubt that your air conditioner can run without a filter. After a new AC installation in Phoenix, the air filters that come with the new system can run for six months to one year. And after that, you need to change your air filters based on their condition. If you are thinking of running your AC without a filter, remember that it can turn out to be a damaging cause for the unit.

Thus, Running Your AC Without a Filter Can End up With Some Potential Problems Such as: 

Refrigerant Tubes Problems 

The air conditioner pulls the air from your house and blows it through the copper tubes that contain refrigerant. It’s like when you leave a bottle of cold water in a room of high temperature and gather condensation. These tubes remain consistently damp with the condensate from the air. If there are no filters, debris and dust will blow along with the air across the fins, stick through the condenser, and clog your fins. It will result in inefficient cooling, and your air conditioner will have a hard time working.

Compromised Air Quality 


The air filters also play a vital role in keeping the inside air of your house clean. Now, if you run an air conditioner without filters, you compromise indoor air quality. It is because the air conditioner will absorb the dust inside your home and circulate contaminated cold air generated from the system. Contaminated air can harm your family’s health and cause severe problems for people allergic to dust and debris.

Condensate Drain Problems 

A condensate drain helps bring out the condensation and moisture from your unit. However, when your AC doesn’t have air filters, the condensate drain will not perform its job thoroughly. The process begins with the condensate accumulating on the refrigerant tube and then dripping down into a pan. The pan then sewers outside your home, and your AC effectively dehumidifies your inside air. Without the filter, the drain can clog and cause water damage to your system. When you need services of HVAC repair Phoenix call us today.

Ductwork Problems 

When your air conditioner does not have air filters, the dirt that will escape from the refrigerant tube will travel down to the ductwork and get trapped by the uneven aluminum tubes. It will build up dampness and also cause mold growth inside your ductwork.

You must often replace your air filters to help your AC run efficiently. Sometimes, not using an air filter may cause you to buy new parts or replace your AC. Changing air filters is an easy task. But if you want professional help, you can call HVAC companies in Phoenix to do it.

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