Like every other appliance, air conditioners require significant care and maintenance through the years. In addition, these systems are subject to some more harsh conditions, especially in a place like Phoenix. With temperatures reaching a sweltering 106 degrees in the summer, an AC will be carrying a heavy burden. Therefore, to ensure that the system does not collapse or break down during this time, one must carry out an AC tune-up in and AC repair in Phoenix

Steps in a Typical Tune-Up in Phoenix 

The tune-up process offered by AC companies in Phoenix involves a series of steps ranging from checking the system’s components to carrying out minor repairs. A quick rundown of the tune-up process involves – 


A significant inspection of all system components precedes any repair. The technician will take apart the external coverings and examine the following components – 

  1. Unit containing Condenser
  2. Circulating Fans
  3. Systems holding Coolant or refrigerant
  4. Filtration components
  5. Thermostats and their connections

These are the available items that are said to be tested to ensure that they function correctly. 

Refilling Lubricants and Refrigerants

The next part of the tune-up will involve refilling all the fluid compartments. It will include the lubricants to reduce friction between the components and the coolants. A significant cause for systems breaking down is that the refrigerant leaks through apertures in the system. It is considered a red flag for systems created in Phoenix since most of the ACs function on the closed-loop principle. Thus a decrease in the coolant level will point to a hole in the system. Therefore, it will require a minor repair.  

Tightening Screws and Belts

The final part of the tune-up involves tightening all the components in a constant state of tension. For example, belts, hoses, and other mechanical and electrical fittings are in the system. During its functioning throughout the year, these AC components tend to loosen. 

Additional Cleaning

In some cases, the tune-up will also involve cleaning certain system parts. For example, the network of ducts will undergo cleaning and will be checked for any leaks. Unfortunately, the accumulation of dust and dirt can also significantly reduce the overall air quality. Another service that is not part of the cleaning is that the thermostat will require calibration.

These services will have to be requested by the homeowner in addition to the base maintenance services. 

In the end, a homeowner that requests an AC tune-up in Phoenix can rest easy knowing that their systems will be taken care of. Everything from the detailed inspection to the detection of repairs, a homeowner can guarantee that their ACs are capable of functioning for a long time. 

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