Maintaining a cool and comfortable indoor temperature during hot summer months is crucial, and an air conditioning system plays a vital role in achieving this. It is essential for every household as it helps regulate indoor temperature and keep it at a comfortable level.

However, there are chances that your AC system might break down unexpectedly due to excessive usage. If your AC system breaks down, it can take an AC repair in Scottsdale around 2-3 days to resolve the issue.

During the repair, you can be without air conditioning for several days. To avoid sudden breakdowns, ensure you search for reputed HVAC companies in Phoenix to maintain your AC system.

Ten Tips That You Can Use to Keep Your AC System in Top Condition

Here are ten tips recommended by HVAC repair experts in Phoenix to upgrade your AC system’s performance and ensure it remains in quality condition throughout the summer:

• Close The Curtains During the Day

It is best to close the windows and draw down the curtains during the daytime to ensure the cool air stays inside your room. If you keep the windows open, the heat from outside will prevent the AC system from reaching the desired temperature. Excessive running of the system can even lead to emergency HVAC repair services in Phoenix.

• Replace the Air Filter

The air filter plays an essential role in maintaining indoor air levels by collecting all the dust and dirt in the air. If the filters are dirty, it can increase the workload and decrease their efficiency. That’s why AC installation  in Phoenix recommend replacing the AC filter at the beginning of the summer season and cleaning them weekly to ensure smooth functioning.

• Switch Off the AC System

Switching off the AC system for a few hours ensures it does not break or wear down easily. Switch off the system when you are away from home and at night when the temperatures are lower.

• Install the Unit in A Spacious Area

The AC system needs space to function properly. The warm air it circulates in the outer environment can affect the AC components if there is less space to escape. It is better to ask the AC installation experts in Phoenix to find the best place for installation. Additionally, avoid stuffing or cluttering the space around the outdoor AC unit.

• Examine the Vents

Vents are vital components inside the residence as they let the cool air inside your home. So, ensure they are clean and unrestricted. Most homeowners block the AC vents to save energy, but AC repair experts in Scottsdale suggest it only increases the strain on the AC system.

• Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can be helpful to minimize your dependency on the AC system. Ceiling fans can help to distribute the cool air quickly and maintain a cool temperature.

• Install A Smart Thermostat

Installing a smart thermostat is an advanced way to make your AC system’s functioning more optimized and efficient. You can save your temperature settings in the thermostat and access your AC system from anywhere if the thermostat has Bluetooth or WIFI technology features.

• Avoid Using AC During Extreme Temperatures

To prevent overworking the AC system, using it at a lower temperature setting is crucial. HVAC companies in Phoenix suggest keeping the thermostat between 68F – 72F to achieve optimal performance.

• Clean The Outdoor Unit Regularly

Ensure you clean the condenser coils, fins, and condensate drain to avoid problems. Use a brush to clean the fins and dish-cleaning soap to clean the coils. Pour a spoonful of baking soda and a cup of vinegar into the condensate drain to keep it clean.

• Schedule A Maintenance Service

The best way to ensure your AC system lives a long life without causing much inconvenience is by scheduling a maintenance service. You can avoid an AC repair expert visit in Scottsdale if you schedule annual maintenance services.

Can Professional Maintenance Services Help the AC System Run Efficiently?

Maintenance services help ensure your AC system works efficiently for a long time and helps avoid unexpected breakdowns. Most HVAC companies in Phoenix recommend enrolling in maintenance services; however, most homeowners do not like investing in maintenance plans.

Most homeowners think maintenance services waste time and money. However, these services help to detect issues early, and the technician resolves them before they become more significant and costly. Here is what is included in maintenance services:

  • One of the reasons for AC repair issues in Scottsdale is dust accumulation, which makes cleaning the AC system crucial.
  • Lubricating the mechanical components with mechanical oil ensure the AC system runs smoothly and efficiently. It ensures the AC system does not make loud and disturbing noise.
  • Upgrade the system settings to maintain its performance.
  • Test the AC system functioning and components to find issues that can become more complicated in the long run if they are not resolved quickly.
  • Inspect the AC system to find what is causing the problem and resolve the issue.

Maintenance services by a certified HVAC repair in Phoenix ensures that your AC system runs safely and efficiently. It also helps to keep the warranty intact because some manufacturing companies specify that the warranty is only valid if the AC system is maintained annually.

Bottom Line

With annual professional maintenance and incorporating regular maintenance habits, your AC system can function efficiently for 10-15 years. To avoid the need for early AC installation service in Phoenix, it’s best to schedule maintenance before the summer season starts.

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