The most efficient method to ensure your heating system’s security and maximum efficiency is by scheduling annual preventive maintenance. The ideal time to arrange this vital service is during the fall months before you switch on your heating system. Regular inspection by a reputed HVAC company in Phoenix, such as LJ Refrigeration Co., Inc. is a worthwhile investment.

Why Is It Essential to Maintain A Heating System?

Dirty or unmaintained heating systems are less efficient than required to maintain your home’s temperature. During your scheduled appointment for heating services in Phoenix, our trained technician will conduct a range of vital tasks, which include:

• Tightening loose connections
• Lubricating moving components
• Cleaning or replacing the air filter
• Inspecting ductwork
• Confirming connections
• Testing system controls

Each of these actions aids in the efficient operation that your heater can perform, reducing energy consumption, and thus reducing the amount you pay for your heating.

Enhanced Air Quality

Conditioned air moves through the ducts and carries loose particles like pet mold, mildew, dander dust, bacteria, and pollen. These things aren’t removed if your air filter has become blocked, the system’s components have become dirty, or particles are left to linger within the air ducts.

If you are experiencing bad indoor air, you will also be more likely to be surrounded by dust which could affect anyone with asthma, allergies, or other respiratory issues. Regular and professional HVAC repair in Phoenix by LJ Refrigeration Co., Inc. can benefit your air quality greatly.

Extended Equipment Life Span

The components can’t move around freely if the heating system isn’t functioning properly. As a result, the system is under more stress, and airflow is hindered. If you place excessive strain on the system, it reduces its life span.

As this is a significant investment, you’d like it to be as durable as possible. It’s also important to know that you could invalidate the warranty provided by the manufacturer if something happens and you’ve not performed preventive maintenance.

Maintenance is especially vital as the technician can spot minor issues that could turn into serious ones. This will ultimately cost you less as the longer the problem persists, the more you’ll pay for repairs.

Improved Safety

A well-maintained, clean device releases a small level of carbon monoxide generally emitted through ventilation systems. Systems that are not clean or not functioning properly can result in significantly higher levels of this poisonous, odorless flame, which poses a danger to those living within your home.

Fatal carbon monoxide could enter the house if there is a leak. Our technicians will check the burner’s combustion flame connections, the burner combustion chamber, and the heat exchangers to ensure that the components operate properly. Contact LJ Refrigeration Co., Inc. for affordable HVAC solutions, including water heater replacement in Phoenix.


It is essential to plan preventive maintenance before the beginning of the heating season. It guarantees that your heating system operates optimally, providing the most reliable and efficient heating service and avoiding a costly mid-season breakdown.


The skilled, licensed team of experts at LJ Refrigeration Co., Inc. is committed to providing reliable, affordable HVAC solutions to homeowners across Phoenix. If you’re looking to schedule a water heater replacement in Phoenix, email us to schedule an appointment!