There can be various reasons why your furnace is leaking water. If you do not want the issues to get more complicated, address the issues promptly by calling professional heating services in Phoenix.

Eliminate The Risks of Furnace Leakage Immediately!

If the water leakage from the furnace is left unchecked, it leads to rusting and cracks in the heating system and further water leakage. Plus, pooling water poses a risk of electrical shock. Here is what you should do to safeguard the system:

  • Turn Off the System Immediately and Clean Up the Water Around the Base – Turn the furnace off at the breaker if you can’t find the switch near your system. Additionally, to avoid water damage, ensure to clean the water thoroughly with the help of a dry towel or vacuum.
  • Understand The Problem – After shutting down the system, you can inspect the furnace system and look for the root cause behind the problem.
  • Get Professional Help – Fixing a leaky furnace is not an easy task. Hiring an expert is a must if you want to avoid water heater replacement service in Phoenix. A qualified technician will diagnose the heating issue and repair your system, and you won’t have to face leakage problems again.

Possible Causes of Furnace Leakage

Understanding the reason behind the leakage is necessary to fix the problem quickly. HVAC companies in Phoenix can help you eliminate the root cause of the issue effortlessly. Below is a list of the reasons why your furnace might be leaking.

• Block in the Condensate Line

The heat exchange process in high-efficiency furnaces changes vapour to water which flows into a floor drain through the condensate line. A clogged furnace condensate line can leak water and cause your furnace to blow cold air.

• Malfunctioning Condensate Pipe

The condensate pump in a high-efficiency furnace works to direct liquid through the condensate line and drain trap. Therefore, water leaks can happen if the condensate pump malfunctions due to mechanical failure, leading to expensive water damage. To avoid this, contact water heater replacement and HVAC repair in Phoenix to check your unit.

• Clogged Air Filter

A clogged furnace filter often restricts airflow through the furnace coil causing the coils to freeze and leak water. Moreover, if your furnace has heat exchanger issues, you might see leaks that need repair.

• Improper Vent Pipe Size

Leaking issues in conventional furnaces are often due to an inaccurately sized vent pipe. The combustion process produces hot gases, which go out through the vent pipe. However, when the exhaust vent pipe size is incorrect, it may trap these gases, which condense and form the liquid that leaks from your furnace.

• Built-In Humidifier Issues

If the water line that carries water in and out of the humidifier of your furnace breaks or has blockage due to dirt, it can cause water leakage from the humidifier.

Wrapping Up,

There is a solution to every HVAC issue, and professionals can help you deal with furnace issues fast. You can follow the instructions mentioned above and turn your furnace back on with confidence. Heating service  in Phoenix will diagnose the leak and repair it quickly. Contact LJ Refrigeration Co., Inc at (480)-948-5004 and schedule an appointment today.